LiveTiming is a web application that displays data from motorsport events from all over the world. When an event is ongoing, fans can stay up to date with the results, and organizers get access to various insights.


Shows standings and additional information from ongoing events.

Race tracker

Visualizes moving cars and their positions on a virtual race track.


Layout and theme can be customized for individual events.


  • Preparation of code and infrastructure to handle tens of thousands concurrent visitors.
  • Visualization of moving cars on a virtual race track.
  • Integration with the client's in-house system for sourcing race data.


  • Node.js
  • React
  • Redis
  • Azure


  • Requirements. We met with the client for the first time to understand their needs and to gather initial requirements. Once we got them, we started working on a prototype.
  • Development. We were continuously in touch with our client to stay on track during development. The final version included additional set of features that weren't planned at the beginning.
  • Deployment. The application has been deployed to Microsoft Azure infrastructure and successfully handled major racing events. It will continue to be used in next years and is planned to be extended with new features.